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 Welcome to Jackson Tree Removal. Established in 2015, we are a full-service tree care company located in beautiful Jackson, Tennessee. We also serve Humboldt, Medina, Milan, Lexington, and Brownsville.

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Affordable and Professional Tree Care Providers

At Jackson Tree Removal, we offer a comprehensive range of expert tree care services to help you maintain the health and beauty of your trees. From pruning, shaping, and thinning trees to tree removalstump grinding, and ornamental tree pruning, we are equipped to handle all your tree care needs.

As a family-owned business that has been around for decades, we understand the importance of building relationships with our clients, allowing us to continuously provide professional, friendly, and reliable tree care services that meet the needs of residents and businesses in Jackson, Tennessee and its surrounding areas.

The image features a close-up selfie of a smiling man wearing a white helmet with a headlamp attached. He has a beard and is wearing an orange high-visibility shirt with reflective stripes and a black harness equipped with various tools. The background shows large tree branches, indicating that he is likely a tree surgeon or arborist working at height. The setting appears to be outdoors during the day with ample daylight and green leaves on the trees, suggesting a comfortable, clear weather condition.
Serving the Community of Jackson, Tennessee

Remove a Tree. Easy as one, two, three.

The image features a person in dark clothing and a safety harness climbing a large tree trunk with several freshly cut stumps of branches around them. It appears the person is in the process of trimming or removing parts of the tree. The tree is situated in a lush, green environment with other trees and shrubbery around, and a residential neighborhood can be seen in the background with houses and a clear blue sky overhead. The scene suggests professional arborist services being carried out in a residential area.
The image displays an individual wearing a harness and climbing gear, ascending a tree with thin, sparse branches against a clear blue sky. The person appears to be an arborist or tree service worker engaged in trimming or tree maintenance. On the left, a blue rope is visible, likely part of the climbing or safety equipment. The surrounding area includes a residential structure to the left, another tree to the right, and a clear view of the sky with no clouds in sight, indicating fair weather conditions. The scene is indicative of tree care services in a suburban setting.
Since 2015

Tree Care Services You Can Trust

We are proud to be leaders in the arboriculture industry. Our goal is to provide exceptional arborist services to clients in Jackson through our offices in Tennessee. Our team is certified to work around energized lines, and we specialize in technical tree removals. We take pride in owning and operating all our own equipment, which allows us to complete jobs efficiently and effectively.

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We Are ISA Certified

We are proud to be ISA-Certified (International Society of Arboriculture), which means that we adhere to the highest principles of professional conduct and industry standards in our field. This certification demonstrates our expertise, knowledge, and dedication to our profession and community.

As ISA Certified Arborists, we recognize the importance of continuing education to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques, technologies, and industry trends. We believe that our dedication to continued learning helps us make the world a better place, one tree at a time.